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cooltext135163769036091boobsWelcome to Rate my Tits Canada!

We have finally launched a Canadian version of the very popular site. Now Canadian ladies can also showcase their boobs and get the guys to tell them what they think. As with the other site, will also have an annual competition. The highest rated boobs uploaded in that year will received a prize of $500. The requirements are that you are a Canadian resident, older than 18 and your picture has more than 50 votes. The 50 votes requirement is to ensure someone does not upload a picture a day before the end of the new year and rate it 5 stars themselves.

Also, the uploaded picture will have to have “” somewhere visible in it. This is to ensure the picture is of an actual real lady, not just an internet pic or an ex uploading the pic without the knowledge of the girl. You can write it on your boobs or on a piece of paper. Something similar to this:

Rate my Tits Canada Upload example

upload requirements Rate my tits canada

The rules in regards to pictures and commenting:

  • Comments will be polite. If you don’t like what you see, rate them low (that’s why the rating system is there) but commenting on a picture you don’t like and being mean will not be tolerated (your comments will not be approved).
  • Uploaded pictures will be of boobs and Tits only, this is a boobies site. Porn or pussy pictures etc will not be approved. And guys, please don’t upload your cock picture. There are hundreds of other sites that allow that.
  • The goal of is to be a clean and respectful site, celebrating the love of boobs.
  • Boyfriends and Ex’es, please get permission from the person in the picture before uploading it.  If she find’s her boobs on the internet without her knowing it’s there, she will most probably cut your balls off (you have been warned).
  • Girls, you have to be 18+ to be able to upload your boobs to the site.

That’s about it! Hope to see some great Canadian boobies uploaded soon.


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